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A vast expanse of land that lies between the Shan Shan mountains in the east and the Rockwood Mountains in the west.


  • Also known as the Wastes, the Genert Wastes or the Great Wastes.
  • Two nations dominate the inhabitable Greatlands: Prax
  • The Lunar Empire has infiltrated parts of Prax to protect its territories.
  • The majority of the Wastelands is poor and dotted with ancient ruins and chaotic remnants.




  • Western part of the Wastes named after the heroes related to Waha.
  • Eastern lands beyond the Dead Bottom and the river serpents(wazi) is not described enough except the several Giant places.
  • About the southern area, the Praxians know several relatively safe passages.
  • Probably the northern area beyond the Snow Line is also recorded by the Pentans with another method, but doesn't appear in the printed materials.