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  • Also known as Trolls
  • Uz can be be translated as "folk".
  • They come from the Underworld
  • Their goddess is Kyger Litor.
  • The Uz are thickset, with snouts and fangs or tusks, with mottled gray skin.
  • The Uzko are taller than humans
  • Their height is partly concealed by their typical slouching stance.
  • The Uz are active during the night.
  • Their primary sense is Darksense.
  • Their speech is Darktongue
  • They hate fire and light in all its forms.
  • Their complex magical digest system allows them to eat anything, except Fire and Iron.
  • They are constantly hungry and can never quite satisfy themselves.
  • Also known as the Digijelm and the Darkness Folk


  • Uz society is based on kinship and defined by blood.
  • Kinship is traced through female side.
  • Their clans and tribes are centralized around "mothers".
  • After the Trollkin Curse, their feeble fertility made females (without birthing Enlo) invaluable.
  • They cultivate insects such as the Changa and the Ham Beetle


  • Troll government is crude
  • Uzuz, if present, outrank everybody else and dominate all the cult positions if possible.
  • Uzko outrank Enlo
  • Enlo are divided into four types: Values, Warriors, Works and Food.
  • Free Trolls outranks Slaves
  • Females outrank Males
  • Elders outrank ordinary trolls.
  • Female Uz with the most Dark Troll offsrping alive outrank other females.
  • The stronger outrank the weaker.
  • Troll live in matriarchal extended families run by the most powerful mother.
  • Troll clans are ruled by the Elders and subdivided into families.
  • Troll tribes are more complex.

Relations with Other Races[]

  • Trolls judge other races by their flavour.
  • Aldryami are the tastiest.
  • Mostali meat is intoxicating.
  • Dragonewts are ashy.
  • Humans are fine, the younger the better.


  • Trolls fight in the ambush.
  • Their favourite formation is the War Gang
  • They fight at night with harassing attacks; using Shades, Giant Beetles or Trollkin.
  • Then they throw rocks or slings.
  • Finally when the enemy is weak, they attack.
  • A common trick is to send useless trollkin so that the enemy will weaken themselves in fighting them.




In Mythical Age, they lived in peaceful, non light, food-plentiful place called Wonderhome. It located deep in the Underworld. In that age, Uz were all Mistress Race, Uzuz.


  • When the Sun entered the Underworld, he burned Korasting. the Uz became a lesser race called Uzko.
  • They fled to the surface world and conquered large sections of it.
  • They were then attacked by Chaos and bore the brunt of the fighting.


Dawn Age[]

Imperial Age[]

Modern Age[]


The Uz are found in: