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Twin villages on either side of the Creek.

  • If the river is low, it is a ford.
  • If the river is high, it is a ferry.
  • It lies on the road between Tink and Runegate
  • Most of the population left 20 or 30 years ago after the Upland Marsh expanded into the village
  • The buildings standing are in disrepair.
  • The portion of the village that hasn't sunk yet is known as the Docks.
  • The population is 70 to 80 people.
  • In the village is a large area known as the Greenery
  • Most residents are humans or ducks.
  • The Sisters the village is named after is unknown.
  • Supposedly they lived on either side and their common husband rowed back and forth between them. 
  • Nearby is Bar Island

Sources: Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, Wyrms Footnotes #15