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Ritual quests undertaken by the Emperor of Dara Happa.

  1. The Test of the Pelandan Hinds posed by Shargash of Alkoth
  2. The Test of the Hungry posed by Verithurusa of Mernita
  3. The Test of the Tall Birds posed by Jethsarum of Verapur
  4. The Test of the Sharing Problem posed by Buserian of Abgammon
  5. The Test of Remembering Problem posed by Reladivus of Nivorah
  6. The Test of Judgement between Wives posed by Lodril of Akuturos
  7. The Test of the Raibanth Bridge posed by Ledareeshata of Raibanth
  8. The Test of the Daughters Share posed by Deumalos of Hamados
  9. The Test of Brightness posed by Zayteneras of Senthoros


  • The quests are a unification of the various nations under the leadership of Dara Happa.
  • They are indicative of problems being faced by those nations at the time Murharzarm became Emperor.