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Son of the Red Goddess, he has had several incarnations. This title means "Leader of the Egi".

Events before the Wars Against Sheng Seleris[]

Dating of his events in difficult because they are recorded within a highly stylized and contrived device known as the Eras.

Era of Rule[]

In the years 1/03 to 1/28, TakenEgi:

Era of War[]

In the years 1/29 to 1/53, TakenEgi:

  • Won three great battles
  • One of these battles was in the Blood Kings War after which he left his son Vakthan in charge.
  • accomplished 25 sieges
  • defeated men on horses (Pentans), men in armour (carmanians), men in forests (Talastar?) and Bestol raiders in Eol
  • fought and won Jannisor's War by ordering his army to Ganbarri and Joy's Rest allowing them to enter Glamour. The chronology is skewed because Jannisor's War started in 1/24 and the invasion of Glamour occurred in 1/26. The War didn't end until 1/38 with the submission of Alkoth
  • Gave Erigia to the CharUn around 1/30. The precise dating is unknown but the award was sarcastically made for fifty years of loyal service (when the CharUn had sided with Jannisor). If fifty years is counted from the Battle of Seven Horses, then the award was made after the Skyburn had begun, meaning that Panishi had threatened him with it unless justice was given.

Era of Love[]

Era of Healing[]

In the years 2/25 to 2/50, TakenEgi:

Fifth Quarter[]

In the years 2/51 to 3/20, TakenEgi:

His Other[]

Then came the Seleran Wars


TakenEgi literally means "Leader of the Egi". By this definition, all incarnations of the Red Emperor are TakenEgi. However because of the changes wrought by the Seleran Wars, it has become necessary to differentiate each Mask of the Red Emperor from each other. And so by extension, the first and longest serving mask has been called TakenEgi.