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Lord of the Celestial Empire.


  • Originally born AgartuSay in the Pentan Steppes in 1220 ST and seems to have become a chief
  • In 1247 ST, a Great Challenge had been called to combat a famine blighting Pent. Agartu was a contestant.
  • At the height of the challenge, the Red Moon rose and Agartu swore an oath to stand upon it.
  • In 1250 ST, he lead a band past the Iron Forts and challenged the Exarch of Boshan to a contest.
  • The Exarch defeated Agartu with ease and Agartu willingly became a slave.
  • He performed so well that the Kralori were astonished.
  • After a century of meditation in 1352 ST, Agartu was offered the final choice - Liberation or the World. He chose the world.

Sheng Seleris[]

  • Agartu was now known as Sheng Seleris and worshipped Jolaty
  • Its unknown whether he took the new name when he joined the Saka Morn or when he apostatized. Similarly its unknown when he started worshipping.
  • Since Jolaty is a Pentan word, represented in the Kralori script as Zho Lath Ey, he may have either supplied a name for it in his own language.
  • He spent a few years in Boshan as a healer and a miracle worker.
  • In 1355 ST, he returned to Pent where a new Great Challenge was in its final stages. He won the contest by preaching Jolaty to the horde.
  • He conquered the Iron Forts in 1356 ST. From there he raided Kralorela for several years.
  • In 1363 ST, he turned from a policy of raiding to outright invasion, mustering the Great Horde to ravage Puchai.
  • Out of the province, only the city of Laonan Tao held out due to the efforts of Kui Hui.
  • He made the Puchai River run red with blood.
  • Sheng tried to attack the Bridges.
  • At this time, he may have toppled over several Dragon Roads
  • He then moved into Jaubon and threatened to make the Yanaralow River a second red river.
  • He then pitted nearly all his winnings in a Right To Rule Contest against Godunya.
  • Godunya won with the aid of the Army of the Living Dragon, the Barges and the Master Cloud Dragon
  • Sheng was forced to retreat but pillaged the territories he had captured anyway. The injustice of this act was stored in Godunya's Flower.

Sheng's Invasion of the Lunar Empire[]

Sheng's Return[]