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War God of Dara Happa.


Myths and Deeds[]

  • He put on his necklace on the earth, made the city of Alkoth.
  • Originally he married Biselenslib and had two sons, a red son and a green son Alkor.
  • Later he forsook Biselenslib and took up with Oslira.
  • Later he was forced to reject Oslira sometime before the Flood and so could not attack her when she rebelled in the events leading up towards it.
  • He tried to attack Nestentos but was forced to flee.
  • When Kazkurtum was emperor, he killed the whole world.
  • He helped to destroy the Serevings.
  • He wields a Mace
  • Plentonius associated him with I-5
  • He teaches that Death Causes Life

Likes and Dislikes[]

Holy Days[]


  • Shargashi are known as Berserks. Feared but necessary force against the enemies, including Digijelm.
  • His worship is not trusted by the Lunar Empire.
  • He is propitiated by many people fearing its wrath.


  • In mythical age, his action was stopped several times by the emperors.
  • But when he was unleashed, he destroyed the world.
  • See the article of Henjarl about their history.


  • His headquarter is Alkoth, as the patron deity of the city.
  • His temples are called Enclosures which are with high walls decorated with hundreds of skulls and heads.
  • Alkoth itself is the largest Enclosure, it contains several enclosures dedicated to the god.