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A major geographical region in southwestern Genertela. Much of this land was shattered by the Luathan Quake at the end of the Imperial Age.

Lands of Seshnela[]


Seshnela is divided into several regions;


  • The Malkioni of Seshnela are divided among several creeds.


Dawn Age[]

  • At the Dawn, the Malkioni inhabited cities on the coast while in the south lived the leonine Pendali.
  • Hrestol defeated the Pendali in a war
  • Froalar established the Kingdom of Seshneg.
  • The fortunes of the Kingdom waxed and waned with struggles against the Pendali and the Galanini.
  • But such suffering would only reach a peak with the Sunstop.
  • In its wake, a great Plague ravaged Seshnela
  • Nysaloran missionaries were the only people who could cure it.
  • Their successes bred suspicion and resentment which rapidly became war
  • Arkat accused the missionaries of actually spreading the disease.
  • This lead to war.
  • The Vampire Kings of Tanisor were cast down and the land cleansed before Arkat and his army marched into Ralios.
  • At the end of the war, Gerlant ruled Seshneg while Arkat, now a traitor and an enemy, brooded in Ralios.

Imperial Age[]

  • Seshneg became gravely weakened by a dispute about the Royal Succession
  • Its old enemy Tanisor to conquer it.
  • The Jrusteli brought armies and the Abiding Book to restore Rightness to the land.
  • The new kings of Seshnela soon became the God Learner Emperors of the Middle Sea Empire
  • The Closing isolated the kingdom from its overseas territories in Umathela and Jrustela.
  • Even their authority over Frontem, Safelster and Slontos was nominal. *The Kingdom was destroyed by the Luatha who made a great quake that shattered the land.

Modern Age[]

  • Civilization survived in Tanisor, Arolanit and the Pasos Isles.
  • Tanisor was the prime target of Safelster's revenge against the God Learners and brutally plundered.
  • Only intervention from Pasos, Arolanit and Guhan forced Safelster to retreat. *An unplundered Pasos reformed itself to be a new banner of Malkionism.
  • However it was soon overshadowed when Tanisor adopted the Rokari creed and declared itself to be the New Kingdom of Seshnela.
  • Many Tanisoran knights dissented and went on to colonize the Castle Coast
  • Tanisor has dominated the Seshnelan peninsula and on occasions, Safelster too.
  • The Opening of the Oceans has enabled a key duchy to ally with Pasos and form the Quinpolic League to defy the King.
  • Currently the King is ambitious and aims to restore the empire of his forefathers.