A major inland geographical region in central western Genertela.

  • The city-states of Safelster rule the lowlands, but the highlands have been wild since the Dawn.
  • This is a fine temperate area with a few severe winters and many pleasant summers.

Geography[edit | edit source]


Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Dawn Age[edit | edit source]

At the Dawn, the lowland plains of Ralios were dominated by the horse-riding Galanini while in the Highlands lived Hsunchen and their storm worshipping kin. The Galanini were enemies of the Basmoli of Seshnela and later became foes of Seshneg as well.

A couple of centuries later, the World Council of Friends contacted the Galanini seeking cavalry in fighting the Shadzorings. In return, when Nysalor was born, his message flowed freely to the Galanini.

However worshipping Nysalor brought enemies and chief among them was Arkat. He conquered Ralios in a brutal war and thereafter his shadow is its history.

Imperial Age[edit | edit source]

After Arkat slew Nysalor, he returned to Ralios. Because he was so powerful, nobody dared to make trouble and so this period is known as Arkat's Peace. Arkat eventually passed on the heirs to his magic created the Autarchy to govern Ralios as he had done.

Although powerful, the Autarchy was less than capable than Arkat and eventually fell victim to the God Learners. The victors destroyed whatever lore of the blasphemous Autarchy they could and governed its lands as Safelster, the lands around the Felster Lake. Safelster was always a troublesome territory at best and its people cheered the demise of the God Learners. However they lacked unity and have failed to restore the Autarchy.

Modern Age[edit | edit source]

Compounding the confusion and civil strife has been the return of a strong government in Seshnela, the kingdom of Tanisor. Twice before has Tanisor conquered large swathes, the first under Bailifes and the second under Ulianus III. Now under Guilmarn, it threatens Safelster again. Only the imminent return of Arkat could possibly save the land.

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