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The northeastern land in Peloria.


  • Pelanda is synonymous with Art in Peloria
  • Their city states were blessed by several great artists and architects


  • Pelandan society is demarcated by six social divisions.
  • The First Division consisted of the Kings of the Cities and is now extinct.
  • The Second Division consisted of the Pelandan nobility and no longer exists in the west.
  • The Third Division are crafters. The majority of Eastern Pelandans belong to this class.
  • The Fourth Division are unmarried workers and resident foreigners.
  • The Fifth Division are serfs. The majority of Western Pelandans are in this class.
  • The Sixth Division are slaves.


  • The western cities are still ruled by the Carmanian overlords.
  • The eastern cities are ruled by the Heartlands Satraps of Oronin and Doblian


  • The Pelandans are renowned for their Phalanxes


  • Sometimes Daxdarius and Natha are considered to be High Gods.
  • The Jernotian Way places great value on Balance or Keldalfe


Storm Age[]


Gray Age[]

Dawn Age[]

Imperial Age[]

  • The country united under the Spolite Empire and conquered much of Peloria
  • The Spolites were defeated by the Carmanians who then ruled Pelanda harshly for many centuries.

Modern Age[]

  • The Lunar Empire has liberated half of Pelanda yet left the other half in the hands of the Carmanians.

Sites of Interest[]