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The Storm God of the Orlanthi

Manifestations in the World[]


  • Orlanth has two important mythical roles.
  • He is the founder and protector of the Storm Tribe; his actions and judgments then are the foundations of Orlanthi Society.
  • Orlanth is important as leader of the Lightbringers, the Gods that restored life to a ruined universe.

Myths and Deeds[]

  • His myths can be divided threefold:

Orlanth's Birth[]

Orlanth's Deeds[]


Dragon Pass[]



His Runes[]

His Place[]

Likes and Dislikes[]

  • From the Heortling worldview, the god is ever-changing. Several gods of his households are once enemies of Orlanth, they are from the Water Tribe, Darkness Tribe, Fire Tribe. But they all proved their worth and Orlanth invited them into his Storm Tribe.
  • One exception which Orlanth never accepts in friendship: Chaos.

Holy Days[]

Orlanth's Holy Days are:


The term "Orlanthi" has several meanings: see the articles of Orlanthi, Storm Tribe, Theyalan.


Orlanth's worship among the Vingkotlings[]

As the sons and heirs of Orlanth, the Vingkotlings established the classical worship of Orlanth. Other contemporary Orlanthi societies are known of but their religious practices are obscure. During the Great Darkness the Vingkotlings lost contact with Orlanth and ceased to be Orlanthi.

Orlanth's worship among the Esrolians[]

After the Kodigvari destroyed themselves in the Sword and Helm War, the women seized power and established the rule of the Grandmothers. Although Orlanth could not be forgotten in the worship of their goddess Ernalda, his worship was heavily controlled.

Orlanth's worship among the Esvulari[]

  • The Esvulari worship Orlanth as a manifestation of the Invisible God

Orlanth's worship among the Galanini[]

Orlanth's worship among the Heortlings[]

The worship of Orlanth was brought to the Heortlings by Heort himself. In addition to the classical Vingkotling form, the Heortlings also worshipped Orlanth as one of the Lightbringers.

Orlanth's worship in the Bright Empire[]

Orlanth's worship was severely checked by the actions of Lokamayadon. For obscure reasons, he seized a portion of Orlanth's authority and channelled it towards Tarumath. Only his defeat by Vargast restored Orlanth to the Heortlings.

Orlanth's worship among the Hendriki[]

  • In his revolt against the Bright Empire, Hendrik the Free created the Larnsti in order to remain free.
  • His successors continued this worship which allowed them them to remain free from the God Learners and the EWF.
  • The Hendriki were finally defeated by the Pharaoh.

Orlanth's worship among Orlanthland and the EWF[]

After a failure of leadership by successive Orlanthi kings, priestly rule became dominant in Kerofinela under the aegis of the kingdom of Orlanthland. All was well until a Dragon managed to join the Ring of Orlanthland and soon transformed it into the EWF. Orlanth's worship was heavily controlled to further the goals of the EWF.

Orlanth's worship among the Tarshites[]

Orlanth's worship in the Lunar Empire[]

In the Modern Age, a new deity arose in the north. The Red Goddess pledged eternal opposition to Orlanth and from that time on, her worshippers have sought to eradicate his worship.



  • As the great deity of Storm, he provides magics over the wind, clouds and lightning.
  • He is served by the following otherside servants.