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Terra Incognita has contributed greatly to this Wiki (as well as Peter Metcalfe). See his website here: Terra Incognita.

Also, the following websites are stable and reliable (as of Nov 2009):


Fan Sites[]

  • Etyries - Nick Brooks collection of Glorantha information, centering on the Lunar Empire
  • Gloranthan Links - Chris Holden's listing of web links (sadly, about half are no longer working. Last updated in May 2009.)
  • Questlines - John Hughes' Glorantha site, focussing on Sartar and the Far Place.
  • Terra Incognita - Once again, a great resource.
  • Glorantha Forum - A forum at BRP Central for everything Gloranthan, with a full list of current Glorantha publications and the most updated link list on the net!


  • Glorantha Digest - A searchable archive of all of the messages from the Glorantha Digest mailing list. Especially rich during its heydays from 1998-2000.
  • Kevin McDonald's Google Wave - An experimental collaborative tool, here used to gather information on the Carmanian lands and culture. (Invite to Google Wave needed to access.)
  • Gloranthan Index A searchable tool. (And something that should probably be incorporated into the this Wiki someday.)


There are dozens of maps available online. Check Map Resources for a list of known maps.