A huge, fecund monster of the Maslo Sea and the Elamle Peninsula.

  • She walks back and forth along several hundred miles of sea shore
  • She periodically laying deadly eggs at the tide line.
  • The eggs hatch into different horrible monsters, depending upon where the tide line was when the eggs were laid and hatches.
  • Her journey goes from:
  • Swak, visited 4 days then 144 days.
  • Lupasgu, visited 12 days then 136 days
  • Olyn, visited 24 days then 124 days.
  • Dagua, visited 36 days then 112 days.
  • Nukalofa, visited 42 days then 104 days
  • Bayahote, visited 78 days then 70 days.
  • Blambangan, visited 64 days then 80 days
  • Neimengu, visited 59 days then 94 days.
  • She never visits Wendo but her monsters strike there once every 148 days.

Source: Guide to Glorantha

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