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Known as "Dwarves" to many other races.


  • They are stout and solidly built, as expected for a creature of stone and stasis.
  • The majority toil endlessly at labors intended to repair the "world machine", although a few groups associate with the world that exists outside of their tunnels and underground vaults.
  • They don't have any concept of marriage or family.
  • They can sense motion through Earthsense
  • They are produced when the Decamony decides to make more members.
  • They are immortals while they rigidly keep the way of life.
  • They will hunt down anyone who attempts to replicate their technology, with unparalleled success.


  • Original "True Mostali" are master of technological gifts from their god and know many secrets about shaping metal and other minerals.
  • While most remaining Dwarves are technically "Clay Mostali", they organize themselves in a hierarchy based on the original mythological materials that their forebears were crafted from.
  • Thus, they are Gold Dwarves, Iron Dwarves, Quicksilver Dwarves and so on. These castes specialize in various crafts and the administrative or magical skills needed to run that caste's purviews of their community.
  • The long lived elites achieve the status of Diamondwarf which can be equated with the "originals".


  • Descended from the creations of Mostal the Shaper, today's Mostali are copies of the original forms made in the Godtime.
  • Generally, Mostali practice Sorcery feeding the World Machine through their work and social practices.