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A sprawling Empire ruled by the Immortal Red Emperor.


  • The Empire is divided into three portions:


  • The Empire contains several diverse cultures.
  • Uniting the cultures is the Lunar Way which claims to be part of each and every society in Glorantha
  • The subjects of the Empire live according to their own mores; relying on the Lunars to deal with other cultures and the Empire.
  • The cultural breakdown of the Empire is:


  • At the head of the Empire is the Red Emperor, the Son of the Red Goddess.
  • The core of the Empire is the Lunar Heartlands. These are divided into nine satrapies.
  • The satrapies are run by families rather than individual appointees.
  • Their duties extend to collecting taxes, keeping the peace and enforcing imperial decrees.
  • The satrapies often change rulers due to intense magical battles ironically called Dart Competitions


  • The armed forces are divided among several corps.
  • In addition each Satrap maintains armed forces of their own as do important nobles.
  • The troops of the Empire are a mixture of hoplites, peltasts and cavalry.
  • In addition, the College of Magic has regiments of magicians.


  • The Lunar Way is the state creed of the Empire.
  • Being based on inclusion and tolerance, it coexists peacefully alongside the native faiths.
  • The sole exception to Lunar tolerance is Orlanth; his worship is forbidden.


Modern Age[]