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The myth by which Orlanth and other Lightbringers saved the world.

  • It is divided into four parts

The Westfaring[]

The Land Journey[]

The Sea Journey[]

  • Orlanth summoned Sofala to help them cross the sea.
  • Orlanth drove off an attacking Sea Dragon
  • Chalana Arroy healed an attacking God.
  • Issaries camp defences protected them against a swarm of small monsters.
  • Eurmal thwarted an attack by Golod by convincing him they were kin.
  • Lhankhor Mhy diverted an attacking Goddess.


  • The Luatha opposed the Lightbringers.
  • Orlanth used the Eternal Ring of Vingkotling to summon forty nine thousand Vingkotling warriors.
  • After a battle, Aklor the Luathan leader agreed to escort them to Rausa
  • Rausa agreed to let the Lightbringers pass through the Gates of the West
  • Rausa let them go beyond the Western Gates.

Descent into the Underworld[]

  • The Lightbringers followed the Trail of Yelm's Blood
  • Canis Chaos attacked them.
  • The Greater Ungoron spared the Lightbringers for Chalana's sake,
  • At Kaldar's Gate, Orlanth defeated Kaldar while Eurmal seduced Sinjota
  • They then followed the Path of Silence until Lhankor Mhy made them leave following a secret of the Elder Tree
  • Issaries negotiated with Jeset to cross the River of Swords.
  • They made their way to the Obsidian Palace and were guests of the Only Old One
  • Orlanth's leadership failed him in the Palace when Eurmal betrayed him.
  • Chalana met a demon which could not be healed and was abused by it that she should not heal herself.
  • Lhankor Mhy discovered something that he could not know.
  • Flesh Man was killed and made his way to the Halls of the Dead alone.
  • Eurmal lost himself, became responsible and brought the Lightbringers together again.

The Hall of the Dead[]

Orlanth and Yelm[]

The Ritual of the Net[]

  • Arachne Solara made the assembled gods swear the Cosmic Compromise
  • Arachne Solara then spun a magical web and gave it to the gods to hold.
  • Wakboth then entered.
  • The Gods threw the net on Wakboth trapping him.
  • Arachne Solara then devoured Wakboth
  • The gods took an tiny piece of his shattered husk as a reminder of their oath.
  • Arachne Solara gave birth but concealed it with the net.

The Return[]

  • Orlanth and his companions marched out the Eastern Gate
  • Yelm and his retinue went out before them.
  • Mostal repaired the Eastern Gates
  • Yelm boarded the Chariot of the Sun
  • Arachne Solara revealed Time
  • The Gods acted as one and restored the world to life.