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Emperor of Dara Happa.

  • He was the son of Kosganervus and the Bird Goddess
  • His aunt was the Verk
  • He was appointed by Urvairinus.
  • He became Emperor because he had ruled the furthest northenmost city.
  • Became emperor in 107593 YS.
  • He wanted to change everything to fight the northern Digijelm
  • The other cities refused after he insulted their leaders.
  • His enthronement was interrupted by a cold wind from the north.
  • He swore to overcome it.
  • Both Shargash and the city of Verapur swore to fight it head to head.
  • Kestinoros decided not to meet the Ice head on but instead put their faith in reviving the Birds who had ruled the world in Murharzarm's time.
  • Verapur refused on the grounds they were the home of the High Heat and Low Fire and had held back the ice since Yelm was Emperor and they would continue to hold it back for the glory of Jethsarum and Avarnia.
  • Of the people in Verapur, only Tholm believed in the Emperor's plans.
  • The Sky turned Blue and Walindum's Ice grew stronger.
  • Tholm marched to Verapur to offer Imperial aid but was laughed at. The city was lost in the Battle of Verapur
  • Kestinoros made Tholm the Imperial Falconer
  • Antirius was weakened by the City's loss such that he hung in the Lower Air and could be looked at without burning one's eyes.
  • This was Third Wounding Error because the Feathered One had clutched Justice to himself and punished friends because Justice did not answer his selfish demands.
  • When Kestinoros died, some of his family flew away south in the first migrations; half returned much later.
  • He had lost the Roost of Tholm which was later recovered by Tholm
  • So why didn't Tholm give it back to him?
  • He died in 108676 YS.
  • The walls of his city were crushed by the Glacier and his people all eaten.
  • He is cited as being the ancestor of Kestinmodos though a younger son.
  • He is cited as Emperor of Dara Happa in only two lists; the Glorious ReAscent and Yelmgatha's List


  • Since Avarnia is the goddess of quails, the hostility between Verapur and Kestinoros seems strange if Plentonius's account in the Glorious ReAscent were true.
  • He probably is the founder of the Riskesting Empire and the story of his reign an extended description of the events of that Empire.