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The land in and around Kero Fin also known as Kerofinela.


  • At the start of the Hero Wars Dragon Pass contained the following territories:


Golden Age[]

  • Larnste raised Mount Kerofin here.
  • The land was invaded by the Blue Dragon River flowing in from the south.
  • After a conflict with an unknown god (Orlanth is named anachronistically), the river flowed northwards to become the Oslira
  • As a result of that conflict, the Blue Dragon lay eggs in the land giving rise to Dragonewts


Dawn Age[]

Imperial Age[]

  • The old Theyalan kingdom disintegrated.
  • The Orlanthi were reunited after many decades of conflict as Orlanthland
  • Orlanthland was slowly seduced by draconic powers and became the EWF
  • The EWF tried to turn the whole world into a dragon.
  • They failed and were betrayed by Dragonewt allies.
  • The True Golden Horde mustered from the outside to slaughter the Dragonewts.
  • The horde was destroyed in the Dragonkill

Modern Age[]

  • For the first couple of centuries, Dragon Pass was inhabited by nonhumans.
  • Humans was resettled from three directions: the Grazers from the East, the Sartarites from the south and the Tarshites from the north.
  • Tarsh became converted to the Lunar Way
  • In 1602 ST, the Lunar Empire conquered Sartar
  • In 1613 ST, Sartar revolted in Starbrow's Revolt
  • In 1625 ST, the Lunar occupiers were destroyed in the Brown Dragon Rising