God of Death and owner of the Death Rune.

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  • His runelords are called "Swords" in older literature.
  • Mainly worshiped by Orlanthi and Carmanians.
  • His worship has been taken up by some of Praxian tribes.
  • He is also worshiped by Durulz and the Sword Broos.

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Organization[edit | edit source]

There is a concept of Humakti Battalion as the Ten-Thousand, but such gathering occurred only two times in history, against Gbaji and against the True Golden Horde.

  • The Warleader commands the battalion.
  • The battalion is divided into units of a hundred men (commanded by a Hundred Thane) and ten men (commanded by Ten Thanes).
  • Horn Blower is part of the bodyguards of Warleader.
  • Each hundreds has own Armorer and Healer.

Magics[edit | edit source]

  • He gifts a power in exchange of a geas.
  • He curses all apostates with Swordbreaker which shatters any sword.

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