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Famous warrior of the Hero Wars.

  • Called "Berserk".
  • His best friend was Gunda the Guilty.
  • His runes are Infinity, Mastery, Man, Storm and Death
  • He is depicted as a large muscular man wearing a white bear clock and a drooping mustache.
  • He wields the bear's paws and claws over his hands.



Pirate Captain[]

Friend of Argrath[]

Barbarian King[]

  • He became King of Southland in some stage of his life.
  • Argrath's Saga implies that this is during his circumnavigation but this is doubtful as the entire voyage lasted three years at the most.
  • Its more likely that he moved there sometime after 1621 ST with frequent excursions elsewhere.
  • The visits to Sartar ceased after the deaths of Gunda and Kallyr only to return when Argrath vanishes on his Lightbringers Quest.