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A period of universal peace except for the Orlanthi and a few others.

  • It followed the Green Age and was followed by the Storm Age.
  • The Sky appears as a bright silver dome made of solid stars.
  • There is no night.
  • The Sun is visible at the centre of the Sky
  • Nine other celestial bodies are visible.
  • Later in the golden age, the Broken Planet appears.
  • As a result, only two planets are left in the sky at the age's end.
  • The air is calm and quiet.
  • Later in the golden age, Storms raged around the edge of the world with occasional forays into the centre.
  • The earth is a perfect cube with the Spike at its centre.
  • Surrounding the earth was Sramak's River
  • Later in the Golden Age, the first rivers invaded the land flowing up hill.
  • The most prominent river was the Blue Dragon Sshorg, which spawned the Oslira
  • Flowering plants are very common but no grasslands exist.
  • The plains were covered with plants like succlents and clover
  • The birds are common at this age.
  • Reptiles and other gigantic creatures are common.
  • There are no monsters.
  • There were many Elder Races.
  • No Trolls are seen on the surface world.
  • Few humans exist because the difference between Gods and Mortals is not clear.
  • There are four civilizations.

Source: Guide to Glorantha