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A major geographical region in northwestern Genertela.


  • Fronela is divided into several sections.
  • Coastal Fronela is dominated by the Loskalm
  • At its borders lies the Aldryami forests of Erontree and Winterwood
  • Off the coast of Winterwood are the savage Ygg's Isles.
  • Inland Fronela is bisected by the Janube River, along which several city states are found
  • All under threat from the merciless Kingdom of War.
  • Northern Fronela is a cold steppe while to the east is the thick forest of Rathorela.
  • Southern Fronela is Jonatela while to its east is the mysterious land of Charg.




Golden Age[]

  • Nida was raised but under construction for most of this period.


Dawn Age[]

  • At the Dawn, Fronela was settled by:
  • By 265 ST, the following nations had appeared
  • Talsardia had seized the eastern lands of the Eleven Beasts Alliance.

Imperial Age[]

Modern Age[]

  • The White Bear Empire appeared in the north.
  • Jonatela had absorbed Donaros
  • The Arrolian Cities appear
  • Oranor appears.

Places of Interest[]