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A Keet Hero who gained insight into dreams from Enzeriath.

  • He came from Garonandring
  • He had been miserable since Sed Parad had visited.
  • He sought Sed Parad to get answers for his isle's misery.
  • Hurelalvin attempted to seduce him but failed.
  • He reached the isle of Pemellios who showed him their knowledge of Sed Parad by through a dream.
  • In following the return journey of Sed Parad, Ezel reached the palace of Ibor Adan and gained the power to change the shape of the world around him.
  • He remained in the palace and discovered that Ibor Adan was Avanapdur whereupon he woke.
  • Ezel followed the return journey beyond Sramak's River
  • There he met Enzeriath
  • From her, he learned the secrets of the Dream World
  • He returned to Garonandring
  • There he taught the Sermon of Ezel Balurenish
  • When many keets complained, Ezel made his old friends come back and taught the keets how to get their wings back.
  • In this way, the Ezelites or the Anakorelo were formed.

Source: Revealed Mythologies