Trickster of the Storm Tribe.


Myths and DeedsEdit


Discovering DeathEdit

  • He helped steal Death from the Underworld with Vivamort's aid.
  • He showed Death to Darhudan and let him become the first to die.
  • He gave Death to Humakt.
  • He stole Death from Humakt and gave it to Orlanth who used it to kill the Bright Emperor
  • He tricked Orlanth of the Sword and then lost it in a guessing game to High King Elf who used it to kill Mostali
  • He tripped High King Elf up and gave Death, now in the form of an ax, to Iron who used it to kill Aldryami
  • He offered to make many copies of the ax for Iron and in doing so, recovered the original which he then gave to Zorak Zoran to kill Flamal

Lightbringers QuestEdit

  • He was then captured at Sorcerer's Town and sentenced to be executed but was rescued at the last minute by the Lightbringers at Flesh Man's request.
  • Orlanth then made him a bondsman and made him take him to the place they all wanted to find.
  • In the sea journey, he convinced Golod they were kin, which they were since he was born on Kylera.
  • At Kaldar's Gate, he seduced Sinjota and gave birth to Yomat
  • He slid everbody past Chavgaz the chaos wolf
  • He stole fire from Veskarthen and gave it to humans
  • He made Guguvar vomit up the lightbringers it had just swallowed.
  • He turned everybody into women to pass the No Men Plains
  • He pushed Chalana Arroy into the River of Swords
  • He betrayed Orlanth at the Obsidian Castle by first seducing, then killing the son of Ezkankekko, breaking the laws and vows of hospitality
  • When the Lightbringers were completely scattered and lost without hope, his contrary nature reasserted itself and brought them together again onto Flesh Man's trail.
  • He stole the spark of life from Jagrekriand's purse to bring to Orlanth.


  • He has appeared twice in time, the first time as Gbaji, the second as Hofhadalos the Nonwise

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