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An Embyli hero who founded the Elf Empire



  • He united the jungles of Errinoruela and simultaneously held the positions of High King Elf, Gardener and Chosen One on each Jungle council
  • He traveled to the Mari Mountains and returned with the Ironseed.
  • He visited the Muri Queen, killed many and forced the survivors to swear an oath not to harm any Aldryami so long as his House of Errinoru remained intact.
  • He made the Doraddi chieftains of Taluk Mormadak quake and retreat in confusion and grew fresh jungle over their lands.
  • He fought the God Learners at the Battle of Talking Beach
  • In 734 ST, he built a fleet of ships to circumnavigate the Homeward Ocean. They had the support of the Triolini.
  • The fleet raided several cities along the coast (probably in Fonrit and Umathela)
  • One city was devastated by an earthquake, another by fire, a third suffered melting stones while the fourth sank beneath the earth.
  • A God Learner fleet retaliated with heavy losses on both sides. They fled in the night but no further attacks on the cities were carried out.
  • In 737 ST, he selected his best ships and sent the rest of his fleet home before sailing down Magasta's Pool
  • While he was in hell, Gold-Crowned Worms crawled to all the Councils of his Empire and did obeisance.
  • In 751 ST, a new star appeared in the sky and his ship landed in either the Maslo Sea or Kahar's Sea.
  • He visited Fethlon with the aid of Zabdamar and Sea Dragons. They then despatched ships that visited the southern and western coasts of Genertela.
  • He left for Dinal in 760 ST or asked to be buried in the ground.