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The District of Teshnos in the God Learner Empire.

  • It included Trowjang and Melib
  • Ordanal founded it by bringing back the Sword of Tolat to Melib.
  • Its establishment was no earlier than 805 ST when the sword was acquired.
  • Kralorela was part of it until Shang-Hsa's ascension.
  • Its capital was in Svalakswal.
  • It was ruled by the Overgovernor of Eest
  • As of 908 ST, the Overgovernor is Tryrestol
  • Beneath the Overgovernor were seven lords from Kralorela, Teshnos, Teleos and the Eastern Isles.
  • Commentary:
    • The Seven Lords statment reflects the situation in 908 ST when Shang-Hsa was already ruling.
    • An inferior lord or lords may have also been reporting to Eest as well as Shang-Hsa.
    • Teshnos and Teleos would have their own lords.
    • God Learner dominion in the Eastern Isles was under the authority of the Governor of the Islands
    • Loral is not part of Eest, which may or may not be an accident.

Source: Middle Sea Empire (Book)