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A Pavisite civilization which ruled the central Genertela during the Imperial Age.


In its largest extent before the dissent and the civil wars:

  • The period of its rule is known as the Dragon Era
  • Also known as:


  • The people of the EWF were Orlanthi although with many draconic customs.


  • Leading the EWF was the EWF Ring, consisting of twelve (later nine) powerful draconic magicians.
  • The ring ruled primarily through draconic mystery cults; the cultists paid for their participation with services and tithes.
  • In a major reform, the EWF was divided into nine regions, each with a Speaker to the Dragon.
  • In addition, the adminstration of the draconic cults was formalized with a Translator to the Infinite place in charge of each draconic hierarchy.
  • The Translators in a given province reported to the local Speaker who was alone allowed to speak to his or her dragon.



  • EWF religion was based primarily on the achievement of draconic consciousness.
  • Often this became turned towards obtaining draconic powers at the expense of draconic consciousness.
  • Impatient with their progress to become a dragon, the rulers of the EWF turned the cults from instruments of awareness into sources of power to fuel their magical projects. Chief among these was worship of the EWF Ring as gods.



  • Although interpreted as an abbreviation (like Empire of the Wyrm's Friends, Enemies Without Friends or Empire without Friends), EWF is an actual draconic word.