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Cwim is a monstrous chaos creature with three humanoid bodies attached to a single huge head.

  • Said to be the child of Thed and the Devil
  • In the Dawn Age it sometimes entered Kralorela.
  • In the Imperial Age is sometimes came into Dragon Pass.
  • In the Modern Age it roams the Wastes , Prax and Pent.
  • In both the Dawn and Modern Ages it sometimes came into Teshnos.
  • Cwim is over 80 feet tall and weights about 3,300 tons.
  • Cwim can move slowly, walking on the legs of each body.
  • When it wants to move faster it walks like a tripod, moving each body as a leg.
  • When it wants to move very fast it performs cartwheels, flinging the bodies over its spinning head.

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