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King of the Dinacoli and the Ghouls of the Woods of the Dead

  • He lived at the Blue Boar Fort
  • He now lives at Black Rock Village
  • In 1496 ST, he was badly wounded fighting the HonEel Dynasty in Tarsh
  • He took an axe blow to the spine and most believed he would never walk again.
  • While being borne home, he was visited by Nontraya
  • He bought daughters from distant families with illusory gold.
  • He killed the women to get their fingers to make a Finger Soup that gave him great power.
  • Sartar cursed him with the result that he turned into a Ghoul in 1501 ST.
  • After his curse he hid for many years at High Rock
  • He does not look a day over 30.
  • He is attended by thrall handmaidens.
  • He now rules the Woods of the Dead.
  • He wields the sword Mistletoe
  • If someone mentions his name (rather than his title as King of the Ghouls), the people of the Red Cow Clan turn around three times and ask for protection of the Finger Women

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