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A fort in the Donalf Flats of Sartar

  • It lies on the only hill in the flats.
  • Three great earthen walls surround the hill encompassing 120 acres.
  • At the heart of the fort is the Rain Blossom Stone
  • Inhabited by the Rain Blossom Clan
  • It can hold the clan's families and livestock in times of trouble.
  • The Dinacoli Kings rule from a citadel on the eastern side.
  • The citadel is haunted by the ghostly Finger Women
  • It has become a small town during the Lunar Occupation
  • Within it is the Boar's Head Inn
  • So-called Izen Swiftrunner caught the Blue Boar here.
  • Center of the Dinacoli Tribe.
  • Given by King Ilaro to Dinacol Hardrule
  • Associated with the Blue Boar Heroquest

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