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A large block of Truestone which the Storm Bull used to crush the Devil.

  • It is a huge rectangular solid, nearly one kilometre each side, 1.6 kilometres high.
  • A long marsh-filled trench marks where it skidded.
  • It landed at Ex before bouncing here,
  • A pathway is known to lead to the top.
  • Atop there is a family of Griffins.
  • Praxians believe the crushed Devil was the Devourer
  • The Heortlings believe it was Wakboth.
  • There are also different traditions about what the block is: Storm Bull's Heart or a piece of the Spike.
  • The Storm Bull people here fanatically keep treasure seekers away.
  • Their slaves scour the nearby region searching for chips and pieces for the High Priest.
  • He alone determines which pieces may be traded to outsiders.

Source: Guide to Glorantha