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An Agimori myth about the settlement of Veldarahab

  • Participants: Afidisa, Pamalt, Faranar, Aleshmara, Jmijie
  • Pamalt encounters Afidisa and brings her to his camp.
  • Pamalt's women are hostile to her.
  • Faranar takes Afidisa to the ruins of the Camp of Innocence, one of the four camps of Pamalt's Realm.
  • Afidisa uses her power to make the camp come alive.
  • As a result, Aleshmara gives the camp to her and her people.
  • The Artmali arrive at the camp in Indigo Clouds and rename it Veldarahab, or Veldara-Two.
  • The Agimori are later invited to a feast at Veldarahab and find it strange to the unease of the Artmali elders.
  • The Artmali settle the southern coasts and islands of Pamaltela from Veldarahab.
  • The Artmali use their Tidal Power to save their lands from the Flood
  • Jmijie is sent by Pamalt to ask Afidisa for boats to survive the flood but the request is refused.
  • Veldarahab is mentioned as a place of healing and relaxation from the Storm Age
  • Afidisa is then described as a healing goddess but powerless against drowning victims.
  • The myth concludes with a warning against the Artmali on the grounds they are not like us.

Source: Revealed Mythologies