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  • The World Council made one final attempt to crush the Shadzorings.
  • The battlefield is traditionally described as being in Darjiin but better understood as being in Henjarl.
  • Khordavu as Emperor has authority over the Shadzorings but has promised peace with the World Council on the grounds they are not his enemies.


World Council[]



  • The battle lasted four days and is said to have been wavering one day and the next before the Praxians turned the day.
  • It is more likely that the Praxians were fresh troops who were late for the battle and that the World Council was actually losing for most of the previous days.
  • The horse nomads broke and fled and were slaughtered with their backs to the foes.
  • Either they were encircled and slaughtered or fled and made their escape; they cannot do both. The only people who can be slaughtered with their backs to the foes are foot troops.
  • The defeated Horse Nomads are described as having fled to Pent