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Some of rules below has changed due to necessity and conversations.

  1. Root Directory: is \[\[Category: Glorantha\]\]. All categories are subcategories of it.
  2. Direct Children of the Root Directory; almost all are named as \[\Gloranthan [{major category} \]\]. Which indicates the child of the Root Directory. Some exceptions are known. Some cultural second levels are labelled as \[\[Category: {category} of Glorantha\]\].
  3. Cultural/Historical/Geographical Categorizations: Though some categories cannot be bound from it.
  4. Culture: is sometimes land bound (Malkioni, Dara Happans) not for others. (nomads, sea-peoples)
  5. History includes Mythical Time (before the Three Othersides crushed and the Great Compromise was made)
  6. Geography: might be detailed from Continent, Region (Seshnela, Maniria, etc..), Minor Region (Kethaela).
  7. External link: should be used cautiously, administration of website is hard if it has many external links which is not stable.
  8. References: References are concentrated to \[\[Category: Gloranthan Publications\]\]. I am not sure about rules without world settings like HeroQuest Second Edition.
  9. Glorantha is a world full of enigma and intentional confusions: see several articles for "Problems", "Disambiguations" and "Greggings" for it.