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A suburb of the Big Rubble

  • It locates east across the Zola Fel River.
  • Formerly known as City of Thieves.
  • First established (or rather noted) in 1490 ST as a settlement outside the Big Rubble
  • It became a trading place between the Sartarites, the Nomads, Adari and the River Folk.
  • All nomads gatherings in the Pavis area must be held here; although individuals are allowed within the walls.
  • Butchering and meat-aging is practiced here.
  • The local street gang is the Blood Knives
  • It lies over the Zola Fel River from the Town of New Pavis
  • The Lunar Empire built the Lunar Bridge to connect the two settlements.

Sources; Pavis and Big Rubble, Pavis: Gateway to Adventure