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Prophet of Antirius

Reign of Huradabba[]

Reign of Dardaggus[]

Reign of Kerunebbe[]

  • Kerunebbe tried to make peace with Avivath but turned against him.
  • The Emperor besieged him in Jeanthus but Avivath escaped.

Reign of Dagguneri[]

Reign of Kestinendos[]

  • There are two distinct traditions involving Kestinendos's reaction with Avivath.
  • Plentonius is hostile and describes:
  • How Kestinendos befriended him and then betrayed him
  • Had him tortured for heresy in Hargoth during which he escaped.
  • Avivath later appears to the Emperor without warning and frightens him so that he uses his greatest magic to keep Avivath away.
  • Kestinendos then massacres Avivath's family at Ganthens.
  • Kestinendos asking Avivath for advice on what to do in the face of a World Council invasion.
  • Avivath that the Council is after him, not Kestinendos.
  • Kestinendos then makes a great effort to hide the prophet from the unjust.
  • The common event is that Kestinendos is responsible for hiding Avivath.
  • Plentonius depicts Kestinendos as doing so for evil purposes and details the event between Avivath's torture and the massacre at Ganthens.
  • However Plentonius only says that the event occurred "later without warning", meaning that it could have happened after the massacre at Ganthens.
  • Avivath could have then been appearing to a contrite Kestinendos, burdened with failure and a looming war with the World Council.