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A Dara Happan metropolis in the Lunar Satrapy of Kostaddi


  • Its city wall is made from a single green stone.
  • Entrance is through eleven tunnels under the wall.
  • Known as the Green City
  • On the confluence of Erinflarth River and Oslir River.
  • Known primarily for being holy to Shargash
  • Widely considered a Hell upon Earth.
  • It has a population of 30,000


  • Alkothi are considered killers and slavers by outsiders




  • Almost all adult denizens of the city are potential soldiers.



Golden Age[]


Dawn Age

Modern Age[]

  • Comment: The first Sack of Alkoth is nowhere stated in the source Redline History.
  • The Sylilans then began an active pirate campaign against the Celestial Empire's river traffic, reaching the [{Thunder Delta]] within a few years.
  • In 1397 ST, a large Sylilan army marched to relieve Alkoth, destroying the enemy cavalry that opposed them.
  • Glamour sent an army southwards to meet them.
  • In 1404 ST, Sheng Seleris appeared outside the walls of the City, as his Red-Skinned Priestesses enchanted Alkor
  • They caused the city to surrender and accept a nomad garrison.
  • In 1423 ST, the garrison was driven out by a secret army from Sylila.
  • The city gates were rebuilt and barred with iron and magic.
  • The city temple (Tample to Alkor?) was purified and against consecrated to the Moon
  • This linked Glamour with Sylila.